35mm to digital conversions

I’m kind of really getting into this 35mm film digitizing now. There’s so many sheets of negatives that I’ve stored away, and now I don’t need to pay a photo enlarging store in order to see the images. But I’m kind of hitting a brick wall here with these digital conversions. It’s been over 15 years since I left film gear behind and took up digital photography as a primary medium, and unlike some photogs I never looked back. So I’m realizing now that I was an habitual full-frame photographer. That being, I used to always fill the viewfinder with the image whenever possible, leaving very little room if any between the subject and the edge of the picture. This means when printing reprints back then I’d usual have to tell the photo print store to “do the whole neg,” meaning I wanted the complete image printed, even the sprocket holes on the edges if possible.

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